Features that an Efficient Air Purifier Must Contain

Centrifugal Fan

There are many types of air purifiers available in the market for the final consumers like air ionizer, ozone generator, HEPA filter or activated carbon filter which can remove the pollutants present in the air.

A consumer while purchasing the purifier also looks for the features present. These are the some of the features that a good purifier should contain:

Area coverage:
An efficient air purifier covers as much area as possible and the customer buys a purifier based on the space to be covered like entire house, a single room, a car, or any other space. The capacity of the device should correspond to the size of the space that the customer is planning to use it.

Power efficient:
Air purifier is a device that is supposed to be switched on most of the time, and an efficient air purifier consumes very less amount of electricity in turn it helping in decreasing the electricity bills.

Cost of replacement materials:
In some devices, which run by using filters, the filters need to be replaced after a certain period of time. An efficient air purifier is that which reduces the costs of replacements and the costs of maintenance and also works for a longer period of time without repairs. A purifier should contain a filter monitor as it tells, when filters need to be changed.

Noise level:
Most air purifiers use a fan to circulate the air through the filter and quite often fans cause considerable noise. An air purifier should not make such noise and should not make the customer inconvenient.

The clean air delivery rate (CADR):
Size of the room to be cleaned should match CADR. CADR is a standard developed to measure the removal of dust, smoke and pollen from the air, byFD Fan the independent Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. CADR measures the amount of clean air (in cubic feet) that an air cleaner delivers to a room per minute. According to the AHAM, the CADR of an air purifier should always be at least two-thirds room’s square footage.

Efficient air purifiers should contain fans because without a fan, air is not pulled through the unit to either charge particles and/or filter them through collection media like a HEPA filter.

So, these are the essential features that must be included in an air purifier to make it efficient and to satisfy the customer.