Impact of Marijuana on Employees

Safety and discipline are the most important characteristics to be maintained at workplaces. Marijuana abuse among employees may alter these characteristics. Marijuana abuse has very serious impact on employees.

Attention, memory, and learning skills of an employee are altered by marijuana addiction. The drug also impairs motivation and psychomotor skills of the user. Lack of job satisfaction, absenteeism, and decrease in productivity are associated with continued marijuana use. These problems arise due to the physical and mental effects of the drug on the individual. Marijuana testing has to be therefore conducted on employees to ensure good health of employees.

Marijuana abused employees are absent to the work frequently. Even if they come, they cannot concentrate on the work. The number of hours worked by an employee get decreased. This in turn reduces their wages.

Marijuana addicted employees are found to be associated with crime and other disputes at workplaces. This may result in accidents or injuries which disturbs safety of other employees. All these may result in overall decrease in productivity and profitability in the organization. Employment drug testing has become mandatory by many organizations in order to avoid these problems. Marijuana drug test can be conducted as a part of recruitment process to prevent hiring of drug addicted people.