Mobile Advertising and its Role in SMS Marketing

Mobile advertising is the process of promoting the business and advertising through the mobile phones or through any other mobile devices to increase the sales and for wealth maximization. The message can be sent to the target customers as text message and it directly reaches the customer. The Mobile Marketing Association gives the guidelines for mobile advertising agencies.

Mobile advertising can be done as a Mobile Web Banner or Mobile Web Poster, SMS advertising, MMS advertising, advertising within mobile games and mobile videos, in-application advertising etc. Through mobile advertising two way communication is possible i.e. the business can send information to the owner and also can receive the feedback from the customer. As mobile is an interactive mass media, advertisers send the message to one of the customer as advertisement on mobile, and the same message is forwarded to a friend of the recipient. This allows users to become a part of advertising campaign and also increases the market.

With the advent of 3G, mobile advertising has become very easy because 3G provides services like faster data connectivity, uninterrupted video streaming on mobile phones, exchange of heavy pictures and videos, increased call volumes and support for multimedia data applications.

Mobile advertising plays an important role in the SMS marketing because the SMS is sent directly to the mobile phone of the target audience by using a mobile device. To get a wide response for a mobile advertising campaign the best way is to deliver the message through SMS to the customers.

The effectiveness of a mobile advertising campaign can be measured in number of ways like click through rates (views), conversion rates, such as click-to-call rates and other degrees of interactive measurement.