Apartments For Large Families in USA

Generally large families use three or four bed room apartments. The sales of these apartments increased in the US in 2009 as the prices of these apartments decreased when compared to the smaller units, making it more affordable. The large apartment is a small market segment but the number has grown as developers have started to build more of them.

These are attracting the families who want a suburban floor plan within the confines of a Manhattan apartment. Families now are looking for the apartments which are suitable to stay for longer times and they are also looking for the cultural diversity for their children. Many families want more space so that each child can have separate room. These apartments are suited for the families having two to four children and they offer bedroom for each child as well as a guest room, a family room and a home office. The extra rooms can be turned into offices or media rooms, or combined to create luxurious master suites. The price of these apartments ranges from $2.5 million to $7 million and the maintenance costs for these apartments is $3,000 a month, for a three-bedroom, to $6,500 a month for a seven bedroom.