Know About Mid Sized Cars in India

The number of potential customers and the economic stability of Indian car customers increased, and the number of the efficient cars launched by the automakers also increased, the mid sized car segment in India offers a plenty of opportunities and there is a a big, bright future ahead for the Indian mid sized cars. In India a mid sized car provided a fine balance between the small car and a big car while taking care of the budget of the customer because the lot of Indian families are middle class.

Normally a mid sized car consists of 6 cylinder engine and specifications vary from one country to the other, In Europe mid sized cars are called Large Family Cars while the Australians term them as Mid Sized Cars.

Hyundai Accent
Opel Astra

The mid sized car segment is the one of the top segment in the Indian auto industry, the entry of Maruti Esteem led to the restructuring of the mid sized car segment followed by the entry of Hyundai’s Accent, Opel’s Astra and Ford’s Ikon. Some of the companies that are offering their products in this segment of Indian auto industry are Ford Monedo, Tata Indigo, Hyundai Accent, Maruti Esteem, Opel Astra, Ford Ikon, Ford Fiesta, Maruti Swift, Chevrolet Aveo, Maruti Baleno, Chevrolet Spark etc.,

There is increase in the number of sales of the above said mid sized cars and it is sign of development of this segment and in future there will tough competition in this segment as the number of the companies entering in also will be high in this segment of Indian automobile industry.