Recent Trends in Online Shopping – 2010

In online shopping the customer can make the purchases through browsing internet by sitting at home. Online shopping provides many benefits like saving time and money, is more convenient, provides a wide range of items, etc., Mode of payment is only through the credit cards,the payment can be done by cheque also but it takes some time to get the products as the stores deliver the products after receiving the cheque.

Focus On Shipping:
Many large companies are focusing more on the shipping of the goods in the e market and now almost every major retailer is offering free shipping, sometimes with a minimum purchase.

Mobile Applications:
The usage of the mobile phones for the shopping is increased particularly in US and according to National Retail Federation, about one-fourth of American adults with a smart phone will use it to research or make holiday purchases, and the same is 45 percent among young adults between 18-24 years.

Many companies offering one or two day sales, advertise products for a limited time for the online customers, so that consumers will have to make a quick decision.

According to the survey conducted by the Nielsen Company, around 85% has already used internet to make a purchase online, it shows an improvement in the online shopping trends. People belonging to countries like Korea, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and United States of America, are very much interested in online shopping.

Many companies in the e commerce are marketing their products according to the changing trends in online shopping and these trends are rising because of the huge response from the people.

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  1. Yes, Online shopping is the best thing to do especially when you have bulk things to buy. Companies are constantly making it easier for us to shop online and providing benefits earlier not even thought of.

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