Reasons for the Popularity of Hair Drug Testing

Conducting regular drug tests at schools, home and workplaces has become common today to find the drug abused individuals. Many types of drug testing including urine, saliva, and hair drug testing are done in laboratories. Urine drug tests are more commonly done at any place. However, these days, hair drug testing is done more popularly. Here are some reasons for its popularity.

Privacy is the main issue to be concerned for drug testing procedures at workplaces, schools, and other organizations. While conducting a urine drug test, employees or any other individuals find it difficult to give the urine sample. However, hair drug testing does not involve any privacy issues. The test requires hair of just 1.5 inches long. The sample can even be collected from the individual unknowingly.

The other reason is the detection window. When compared to other drug testing methods, hair drug test detects drug that is consumed in the past 90 days. Hair can be taken from any part of the body like head, arms, or chest. Even small traces of drug metabolites can be found with hair drug testing. It is very much helpful for employers to conduct hair drug testing during pre-employment drug screening. People may not consume drugs when once they come to know that they are being tested for drugs. So it becomes difficult for the employers to actually eliminate the drug users. However, as hair drug testing has a longer detection window, it can easily find out drug abused candidates.

It is common that people try to adulterate the sample of drug testing. But the chances of adulteration are very less with hair drug testing. It is because of all the above reasons that many people are using hair drug testing.