Interesting things about Whiskey Barrels

Whiskey will not get its punch unless it is mature in a oak wood barrel. The interaction between the whiskey and the oak wood is the most interesting thing which gives a typical flavor and aroma to whiskey. Particular kind of barrels are used to get some special characteristics to the whiskey. The oak used in the construction of whiskey barrels do have some unique physical and chemical properties. Let us have a look on some more interesting facts about whiskey barrels.

  • Pure oak wood is used in the construction of whiskey barrels.
  • The quality of whiskey is not only due to the usage of oak barrels but due to the seasoning processes like heating and drying of barrels, which helps in producing pleasant tasting Oak lactones in to whiskey.
  • Oak barrels support the evaporation process by evaporating the water content from the wine making it concentrated. The proportion of whiskey which is evaporated annually is called as angels’ share.
  • Only three types of Oak wood are used in the construction of whiskey barrels. They are the American Oak, Sessile Oak, Pedunculate Oak.
  • Bourbon Barrels whiskey barrels are one of the famous whiskey barrels used from many years.
  • There are three whiskey barrel sizes which are commonly in use, Barrels of 50 gallons, Hogsheads of 66 gallons, butts of 132 gallons.
  • In Oak barrels Scotch whiskey matures for much longer ranging from 5- 25 years.
  • Oak contains some hemicellulose component which break downs when heated and a cellulose to hold the wood together.
  • Oak also contains some tannins which play an important role in whiskey maturation by oxidation and also create some delicate fragrance.

These are some facts which I found interesting about whiskey barrels hope you too find them informative and interesting.