Need to Practice Yoga for the Children of Today’s Generation

There is high need to practice yoga for the children of today’s generation. It is difficult for the child to grow up in today’s society, due to childhood obesity, stress, and lack of physical activities. There is a need for the children’s to practice yoga in today’s environment. Here are few points that outlines the need of the yoga practice for children.

  1. To develop positive attitude: Positive attitude should be inculcated in children right from the childhood. The way of thinking and their attitude makes their lifestyle. If a child posses positive attitude then they always think in a better way. Positive thoughts can develop a good behavior. Yoga develops a spiritual sense in children. Yoga helps child to combine their mind with their body.
  2. To achieve higher academic success: Yoga helps the child to achieve higher academic success in their life. Yoga improves children’s focus and concentration. Yoga uses meditation and breath regulation, which helps children to focus on important aspects, increase concentration level, and creativity that leads them to higher academic levels.
  3. To live physically healthy and avoid obesity: Yoga postures gives motion to the body through exercises. Nowadays, many of the children face obesity problem. Obesity problems arises due to lack of physical activities. In the present days, there is a lack of physical activity in children’s life due to increase in technology, and television. Increasing computer and video games, television programs are reducing their physical activities.

Due to the above benefits, there is high need for children to practice yoga in today’s environment.