Best time to trade in Forex Market

We all know that forex is the highly traded market, the trading time is 24 hours in each day except on the weekends, choosing the right time to trade in the forex market is a big deal to all. The traders who come at the best time can get huge profits from each trade. The professional traders know this secrete, they carefully choose time for trade and produce huge profits.

The powerful hours are the time when volume and volatility of trades rise to peak. High trading volume means lot of currency pairs are being brought and sold easily whereas, high volatility is high growth of currency pair price and trading very quickly.

The most active trading hours are only three in a day, this is US-European overlap session. At this time, world’s most active trading centers are crossed, the European center session closes and US center session opens. This time is referred as “hot zone”.

Three major sessions for forex trading are, the London session, the American session and the Asian session. The London session starts at 8:00 GMT and ends at 16:00 GMT, the US session starts at 13:00 GMT and ends at 22:00 GMT, the Asian session is reasonable quiet session.

Remember, timing is a strong and important element in trading, only during that time we can gain more profits.