Using Marijuana in Adolescence May Lead to Schizophrenia in Later Life

Using Marijuana may cause a number of disorders both to body and mind. If they were to the body they can be detected with the help of some symptoms. But when it affects the brain it is difficult to recognize and even takes much longer time to cure. Each and every drug will act on the receptors of the brain and so does the marijuana. However, according to the experts the mechanisms by which they produce mood altering effects within the brain are unknown. Recent study reports have showed similar thing related to brain.

A research led by a group of people from the University of Western Ontario has identified a critical brain pathway responsible for the effects of cannabinoid drugs on how the brain processes the emotional information. These finding explain the link between marijuana use and schizophrenia.

The experts team from the University found that activating cannabinoid receptors directly in a region of the the brain called the amygdala, can strongly influence the significance of emotional information and memory process.

These findings provide evidence suggesting that exposure of marijuana during teenage can increase the likelihood of developing schizophrenia in the later life. The researchers also found another thing that drugs acting on the cannabinoid system can distort the emotional relevance of the incoming sensory information which in turn may lead to psychotic side effects such as paranoia, associated with heavy marijuana use.

This research work was funded by the Ontario Mental Health Foundation and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada(NSERC).