Toyota is Loosing its No.1 Place in the Auto Market

Toyota motors has got the negative sales growth (-12.7 %) for the August 2011. Toyota is incurring these losses in the sales due to the earth quake in Japan. Japan earth quake has hit more than 650 Toyota dealers, many other manufacturing brands are also distracted by the Japan earth quake.

World’s largest car manufacturing company Toyota has said that it has produced 129,491 units in the March 2011 and sales growth has fell down by 62.7 percent. Toyota is now losing its top auto- production rank, it stood in the first place since 2008. Toyota sold only 8.42 million units for the year 2010 whereas, GM has sold 8.39 million units for the same period.

Toyota has sold 6.5 million units for 2011, the GM sold 8 million units and Volkswagen sold 7 million units for this year. The research reports said Toyota stands in the third position for this year.

According to the Auto data corporation, Toyota lost their growth percentage up to 7.8%, GM, Ford, Toyota, Chrysler are increasing their sales growth. Auto data corporation said that Toyota is following GM in US auto market.