US Domestic Diesel Auto Sales Gets Impressive Growth

US auto market is performing well at present. Many brands are also introducing their new models in diesel version into the market. In the US market the new vehicle sales performance is getting positive growth rate. In the US auto market diesel vehicles are getting more popular due to its fuel efficiency performances. The domestic sales of diesel vehicles in the US market has showed impressive growth in the month of September 2011 with 37.0% which is more than the 2010 performance.

According to the diesel technology forum experts. the diesel auto sales for the August 2011 is very impressive with 20.4% than the last year and it is strongly continuing the same performance for the further periods. This continuous demand is indicating the people’s interest on diesel vehicles.

Using a diesel car is very much beneficial to the US car drivers. In US the increasing fuel prices are boosting the diesel vehicle sales. Moreover, most of the American car drivers feel that clean diesel cars are very much beneficial to the green transportation. Diesel cars are 20 to 40 percent more fuel efficient than the gasoline.