Choose Braces Colors for a Colorful Smile

Gaps between teeth is one of the major problems faced by people. It affects the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and therefore, it is required to get treatment for gapped teeth. However, the treatment varies with the cause and extent of the gap.

Orthodontic braces are the perfect treatment options for gapped teeth. They provide a permanent solution. However, it takes long time for achieving the perfect aesthetics. If the gaps are large, it is not surprising if the treatment takes one year. Treatment through braces is generally done is stages. First, the tooth alignment is corrected. Then, the gaps between teeth are removed by tightening the wires of the braces. The final stage is the finishing and retention stage. Though the process is longer, you get a permanent solution for gapped teeth with braces.

Many other cosmetic dentistry procedures are also available to treat gapped teeth. Application of composite material through tooth bonding procedure or porcelain veneers on the front surface of the teeth also reduce the gap between teeth. However, through these methods, the teeth are made to appear wider. It takes very less time to treat the gaps. But, it is not better to treat larger gaps with this method as the teeth appear larger and wider. So, consider braces for treating larger gapped teeth. If you have gaps between teeth because of missing teeth, then dental implants, bridges or partial dentures are the better options. It’s often seen that many people neglect to treat the gapped teeth. However, if you consider to improve the aesthetics of your teeth, then it is better to get the right treatment option based on your oral conditions.