Caregivers Working with Children in Schools

You know that people hire caregivers like nannies or babysitters to take care of the kids at home. Even daycare centers help in providing the childcare out of your home. However, caregivers like classroom assistants, nursery nurses and special needs assistants work with children in schools and assist them.

Classroom assistants are those who work with teachers in the classroom. Got confused? They help the teachers by involving working with students. They work with individual children or also in small groups. They need to work by assisting students in the class. Generally, no formal qualifications are required for classroom assistants. However, it is better to have some qualification. Also, some assistants are asked to undergo induction training in some organizations. It is necessary for them to seek some knowledge of curriculum frameworks and also the development of children.

Nursery nurses are the other people who support the teacher within the nursery. As they also work with children, like classroom assistants, they should have a knowledge of child development. They should be able to work individually and also in teams.

A class may include some special needs students. They require assistance to understand the subject. However, it is not possible for the teacher to make them understand, as it takes a lot of time. The other students get affected with this. Special needs assistants help in educating the special needs students. This reduces the burden of the teacher. They deal with the educational needs and also on the personal needs of such students. So, there are even caregivers for kids in schools.