Carpets Around the World

Carpets are different from each other, as style and the methods used in weaving the carpets changes from region to region. Depending upon the quality of the carpet and the unique style used in the manufacturing they became popular in the later stages. Let us see the carpets from all over the world.

European Carpets: European carpets are also known as Oriental carpets. They were in use since 11th century. Until mid 18th century they were treated as precious things and were used only on tables and walls. Only the royal families used them in decorating floors. In the later centuries carpets of Indo Persian Design were introduced in Europe.

Chinese Carpets: Most antique forms of the rugs and carpets were designed by Chinese. Till 19th century the woven carpets are used only by the Chinese. Later they started exporting them to other countries. There are different patterns of carpets available from china and each pattern depends upon the rule and dynasty of the king at that time.

English Carpets: The tradition of carpet weaving started in England in the early 16th century. They used the symmetrical knot technique for their carpets. Based on the Roman floor Mosaics and the coffered ceiling designers of that time, they were able to draw some Neo Classical designs for the carpet.

Indian Carpets: The tradition of Indian carpets is not actually born in India. It was the Mughals who brought the art of carpet weaving to India. Initially a critical Persian style is followed in weaving and later it blended with Persian and Indian art styles. These Indian carpets are special for their regional varieties like Kashmir, Jaipur, Agra, and so on. They are well known for their traditional designs and style of weaving.

Turkish Carpets: Turkish carpets are famous for their art form and their style of weaving. They are hand made with different fibers like wool, cotton and silk. But now by using the latest technologies they are also made using machines.

These are few of a huge list of carpets available all over the world.