Facebook Reached 800 Million Users in Just Six years

There could be a very least percentage of people who do not know about Facebook. At the time when it was started in February, 2004, it was a small site whose membership was limited only to the Harvard students, but later when it expanded its services and allowed everyone above 13 years to have an account, it grow astonishingly in to a social networking giant, over taking all the existing social networking sites.

Today, facebook in the leading social networking site with more than 800 million users across the globe. Moreover, according to the latest reports, it reached 500 million active users per day and the founder of Facebook is quite sure that they are going to reach one billion within very short time.

Gaining that many users within six short years of establishment in not a small thing. Though started as normal website which connects all the students in US, it reached millions of users across the world with its unique features which made communication much easier. With a simple registration on Facebook one can create a personal profile, add all his friends who are on Facebook, can exchange messages, and hence can get well connected to them since every update they make to their profiles appear as a notification to the others. This way people feel it more useful to share ideas, thoughts and express their views on particular topics not before the world but at least before their world of friends and relations.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook officially announced their achievement of reaching 800 million active users at the f8 conference in San Francisco. He also added saying that a new record has been set for the most visitors in one day, i.e., 500 million.