Choosing Safe Nightwear for Kids

More than comfort and fashion the kids nightwear is needed to be safer. There is a rule which made it mandatory to make all the children clothing with fire resistant fabrics or should mention the flammability of the fabric on the label. This not only saves the children from any kind of fire accidents but also helps the parents to be careful to choose their clothing when they are supposed to be in hazardous areas.

Moreover, it is not at all safe to put your kids in adult sleepwear as the adult sleepwear are not supposed to meet the flammability regulations. Besides this kids may fall down due to the oversize of the clothing and are at a risk of injuries when they were made to wear adult sleepwear.

In fact flammability regulations for children sleepwear start at nine months and above age group. Those pajamas which are below in size of nine months need not meet the above regulations. They don’t come under the regulation act since the kids which are below nine years cannot move around with out the support of the elders.

Manufacturers of pajamas and other baby garments are supposed to meet the flammability requirements for all the garments above the age group of nine months and they are also supposed to print the label saying the word low flammability or keep away from fire. One has to choose these labels before buying the kids nightwear. It is always better to buy the garments treated with fire resistant chemicals, as the kids above 1 year tend to move to different places are at risk of catching fire.