How is Adulterant Test Useful While conducting Urine Drug Tests

Drug tests are the common tests which are being conducted at different places. Particularly urine tests which are conducted using the urine samples from the donor, are easy to alter or adulterate. No one can go with the donor during collection and check whether he/she is not adding some adulterant to it. Hence, in case the person seems to be suspicious of adulterating the urine sample or for any other reasons, using test kits which can also check for the specimen adulteration are quite useful. So, let us see what is adulteration and what a adulteration test detects.

Adulteration is nothing but the tampering of urine specimen with an intention to pass the test or to alter the test results. Drug abusers often try to adulterate the samples to defeat the drug tests. Adulterants may be as simple as household chemicals like detergents, bleach, and soaps or they might be the diluting samples which are made to alter the test results. The adulteration strips which are included with the drug test kit, could effectively detect the presence of such adulterants and hence shows that the sample is altered and not worth testing. In the absence of such test strips, we need to test the sample again for adulteration using different test kits. This makes the process lengthy, time taking and arises the discomfort of handling the sample. Hence, in order to avoid all such hassles and to avoid false negatives, it is often advised to use urine drug test kits with adulteration tests.