Mobiles Accounted for 10% Search Ad Clicks in US in March 2011

With an advancement in technology, the trends of advertising are also becoming advanced. Compared to the conventional tools of advertising, Internet advertising has become the most effective for any business organization these days. However, usage of Internet through mobile devices also has promoted the growth of online advertising.

As per the data of Performics, a search agency, there has been an increasing trend of online advertisements viewed through web-based platforms from mobiles. With the data collected from its clients for the first three months of 2011, it estimated that there had been a growth in mobile search impressions by 195 percent on an year-over-year basis. It is estimated to reach 9.6% of all search advertisements in the first quarter of 2011.

In the US, about 10% of online search ads were served to mobile devices in March 2011. During this period, they accounted for the 9.8% of the ad clicks. As of December 2010, the mobile devices accounted for only 9.4% of the ad clicks. Though there was a decrease in the percentage share of ad clicks through mobiles in January (8.7%) and February (8.8%), it rose again to 9.8% by March 2011. With an increase in ad impressions and clicks through mobile, it can be said that there had been a proliferation of mobile device usage throughout the US.