GM Launches New Brand Called ‘Sonic’

In 2008, GM has launched the ‘Sonic’ with an intention to make a profitable sub compact car, for the people of United States rather than for low-wage countries. This launch was done before the company got bankrupt and was bailed out by federal government.

Sonic is the littlest, most fuel efficient and conventionally powered vehicle of GM. It is alos the first subcompact car from GM after Chevrolet Corvette launched 40 years ago, which has tried to build its home market. Chevrolet Aveo is the next smallest subcompact car being manufactured by GM in its South Korean subsidiary.

The sonic is lighter, less costly, more fuel-efficient and has windshield pillars made of high strength stee, with an ultra thin film applied to prevent rust. It weighs 400 pounds less than the next biggest car GM has manufactured. It has 1.4-.liter turbocharged engine which delivers the best gas mileage in the company’s fleet.