Montana Judge Imposed New Restrictions on Medical Marijuana Suppliers

The struggle for making medical marijuana legal is still going on in many states. Even though there are evidences showing that marijuana has no medical use, some states are still thinking to make it illegal. The reason is there are many legal medical marijuana users who are allowed to use that drug lawfully. Along with them there are so many people who are cultivating it for facilities and dispensaries.

For instance in a small state like Montana, the number of residents carrying the cards allowing them to use medical marijuana lawfully jumped from 4000 in 2009 to 30000 in 2011. Similarly the number of dispensaries offering medical marijuana are more than 4800 statewide.

Despite this number, the Montana judge recently revised some laws for medical marijuana providers. He blocked the provisions outlawing any profits in the supply of medical marijuana. He also banned growers charging customers to recoup the cost of cultivation along with a ban on promotion and advertisement of the product.

The new law enforces the cultivators to limit their supply only to three patients. The judge also added that any person who ever breaks these rules will be punished severely irrespective of his social status. From now the cultivators from Montana has to limit their cultivation to six plants per patient.

This is a good initiative taken by Montana state legislation. This should become an inspiration for the remaining 15 states and the District of Columbia to impose strict rules on medical marijuana possession.