Role of Electronic Media in Learning a New Language

Of the many language learning sources, media (print or electronic) plays an important role in learning and improving a language. Some of the important media instruments which help in learning a language are – newspapers, magazines, television, radio and Internet. These have revolutionized the world of communication, whose main tool is a language. Hence, these media instruments, though used for gaining information, also have evolved as language promoters/resources, thus playing an important role in learning a language. Let us now learn how each media tool helps in learning a new language.

Newspapers and magazines: These are related to print media. Newspapers and magazines consist of day to day issues which help you gain information about the issue as well as connect with the real usage of language. They (especially, magazines) also have some special articles and stories which are interesting and entertaining. Hence, by reading them you will be exposed to new words, interesting narration which will help you learn the language easily and quickly.

Television: TV is an audio and video electronic media. Television exposes you to various fields such as news, politics, real stories, science, entertainment, etc. Each of the above fields needs language to express the content. Hence, by watching television you will be learning various applications of language. Since, TV has both audio and video, if you are unable to understand any word or sentence in the language, then you can understand it by the visual illustration.

Radio: Radio is that kind of electronic media, which has only audio. This is the best media which encourages learning by concentration. Since, there is no video the learner has less chances of getting diverted from the context. By keen listening to the programs aired in the radio, one can learn the language, its pronunciation and accent.

Internet: Internet is highly evolving electronic media. It gives access to unlimited information on any given topic. Hence, by approaching Internet you can learn any aspect of language you wish. Moreover, Internet also provides tools for interactive learning which eases the process of learning. Internet is also a great source for learning a new language. It consists of the most renowned language books to most entertaining and fun ways of learning.

Language has great role in electronic media. Hence, by making use of the electronic media, one can learn the right application of the language in real situations.