BMW Sales Top in US for 2011

BMW topped in luxury car segment in the US for 2011, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota motors are following. BMW and Mercedes-Benz both are tough competitors themselves for occupying the top position in luxury segment finally BMW reported highest sales for last year.

BMW reported its sales in US for 2011 with 13% sales growth to 247,907 vehicles and Mercedes-Benz reported same percentage of sales growth sold 245,231 units. Then Lexus (198,552 units)and Toyota placed at third position.

Edmunds,com said, BMW increased the customers incentives around 200 dollars per vehicles in December, Mercedes-Benz stabilizing its incentives for this year. BMW got the benefits from mini branded models its 5 models reported the sales for 2011 was 305,418 units with 15% sales growth than 2010 sales.

In US market BMW performed very strongly it sold 18% of total vehicles here and then in Germany and China it sold 17.8% and 14% of total vehicles.

Evan Drury the analyst of said, there was a tough competition in between deal-setter and trend-setter for 2011.