GM Auto Sales Down for January, 2012 in US

US auto sales for January, 2012 increased. All brands received positive sales growth but US top car manufacturers GM received very low negative sales growth. GM reported its sales for January with 1,67,962 units to fell down its sales growth with 6%.

Mr. Don Johnson, voice president of US sales operations said, Once again Chevrolet drove our performance, our new models especially fuel efficient models performed well in the market. Chevrolet passenger cars reported 13% sales growth for January and GM’s passenger cars sales also increased at 3%. fuel efficient small and compact car sales increased with 30% in January.

GM’s cross over sales decreased by18% and trucks including full-sized pickups, vans, SUV sales were also dropped 6%.

Johnson said, we will go to auto market with new models, better dealership experiences and reinforcement strategies, which are beneficial to us for getting positive sales performance in 2012. GM has the aggressive plan for new products in 2012.