GM Again Leads the World Car Market for 2011

US number one car manufacturing company GM was once again crowned with world top sales performer in the world. It has taken the top position as global sales performer place after three years. GM has come back officially on 26th January with the 2011 sales with 9 million vehicles, which was the top digit after 2007.

Toyota motors snatched the world top seller crown from GM in 2008, then after GM unable to get back due to recession, but it has been increasing its sales year to year from 2009 to get back its world top performance with in three years.

Mr. Jeremy Anwyl of the automotive website said, GM is introducing the competitive products consistently maintaining. Its encouraged the performance of GM in the world market.

The recession in US greatly affected the US car manufacturers but GM and Chrysler both strategically reached their expectations for 2011.

GM’s top performing and most competing model Cruize is performing well and it affected the sales of Toyota’s model. James Cain, spokes person of GM said, we came with better performance car than other manufacturers cars. Ours Chevy Cruize is elected as a best selling model in US for 2011.

GM joint ventures also helped to got the world leading sales, joint venture in China increasing the GM sales performance. Its reported world sales with 9 million units including China market sales 2,547,171 units for 2011.