GM Sales Showed 20% Growth in US Market for September, 2011

General Motors recorded its sales growth of 20%, which has made it stand at the third position in terms of sales growth for this year. It is behind the Chrysler (27%) first position and Nissan (25%) second position. GM got the positive response from the US consumers, it sold 207,145 units of vehicles including cars, trucks, vans and sports utilities for September, 2011 . GM stands again in the first place in the category of total number of unit sales.

GMC brand is the top sales growth performer among the many GM brands. This brand has recorded a sales growth of 28% for September, 2011 which is more than last year. Yukon XL and Yukon are the top performers in the GMC which have the sales growth rate of 67% and 44.8% respectively. GMC model, Sierra sold 13,904 units for September month, Terrain model sold 6,910 units and Acadia model sold 5,287 units for September, 2011.

GM Chevrolet is the second largest selling model in US auto market which has increased its sales growth by 22% and sold 114,611 units for September, 2011. Chevrolet has also sold out the trucks and SUVs. The top performed model in Chevy is Silverado pickup vehicle which has sold out 43,698 vehicles showing 36% sales growth. Chevy’s New Cruze was the second in terms of sales performance by selling 18,097 vehicles and Equinox is the third performer with 15,497 units sold. Buick model stand third in terms of sales growth by recording a growth of 6% and selling 13,599 units.

Top car manufacturers GM stands at top position with number of unit sales and stand at third position in terms of sales growth.