Job Title Makes Big Difference in Deciding Car Insurance Premiums

Job titles are affecting the insurance policy holders, as these titles make a big difference in the car insurance quotes that are offered. Recently a report by BBC, says that a person appearing with two job titles saw a big difference in his car premiums.

Richard Alvin, a trained journalist and also a Group Managing Director of a publishing company, has put his job descriptions in a website for car insurance quotes. When he first put his job title as journalist, the website gave him quotes for the price of £800, and some sites have not even gave him a right price. Later he kept his job title as Group Managing Director, then he was shocked to see policies that are just under £500.

So the small changes in the wording, of same man, the same car is saving 40%. This is because insurance companies feel risky in giving policy to the people who work in media and entertainment. The same case with the barristers, where he end up paying £459 for a policy that would cost a publican £294 for the same car. This ensures that the categories that subscribers have to use for assessing motor insurance quotes as far as their job is concerned reflect the real world.

Occupation is a key rating factor for insurance provider in determining the premium that is to be charged. This difference in price is also based on statistical models and past experiences. The risk for the people in the occupation of building, electrician, sales etc all have much potential to use the car for their work or have to travel long distances. This increases risk and also premium. This major issue is mostly seen in UK, where all the risky professionals are facing high car insurance premiums.