13 Million New Car Sales are Expected in December, 2011: JD Power

US auto makers are enjoying the good market response with increasing number of unit sales in the year 2011. Total number of expecting sales including retail and fleet is nearly around 13.4 million units for the end of December 2011, which is more than the lost year expected sales. JD power and LMC automotive said that, 2011 is the positive year for US auto makers.

Jeff Schuster of LMC automotive said, in US lighter vehicles sales are very strong, these are important at calculating total number of unit sales in this year. Automakers are hoping better sales growth for 2012 similar to the sales during the end of 2011.

JD power and LMC automakers estimated the annual US auto sales for 2011 to be 13.4 million units which is more than the forecast value of 2010 (12.5 million). On the research base, retail sales in 2011 had overtaken 1 million sales after 2009 August.

In the North America, light vehicle sales are increasing very strongly, this market experienced the light vehicle sales growth by 9%. North America sold out 1million units of vehicles at the end of 2011. US Automakers are expecting the same sales encouragement for their models in the next year also.