Skoda Recorded 16.8% Of World Sales Growth for September, 2011

Skoda motors created a record with its continuous sales growth since first nine months of this year. It has recorded 16.8% of world sales growth for September, 2011. The number of units which Skoda delivered in between January to September, 2011 is 664,800 units which is more than the last year deliveries (569.000 vehicles) during the same year. Skoda sold 81,200 units for September, 2011 which is more than the last year sales 75,800 units (September, 2010).

The officials from Skoda have said that Skoda is continuing its fast sales track this year. Their continuous perfect sales growth shape has reflected their global performance. The models Skoda is introducing currently are taking initiative for future growth of the business also.

Skoda sold good number of units in the domestic market with 5,100 units for September, 2011. Skoda motors has gained a good response at Central, Eastern and Western European countries like Croatia (recorded sales growth of 85.9%), Romania (recorded sales growth of 9.6%), Hungary (recorded sales growth of 8.9%), Ukraine (recorded sales growth of 7.1%), Great Britain (recorded sales growth of 33.2%), Switzerland (recorded sales growth of 27.9%), Russia (recorded sales growth of 63.1%), India recorded a sales growth of 37.5%) and Norway (recorded sales growth of 27.7%).