Social Networking Sites are Turning Teens into Substance Abusers

The latest survey report revealed that people who are using social networking sites like facebook, and others are more likely to become substance abusers. They are mostly influenced by the pictures and images of their peer group posted in the social networking sites. According to the survey, the people who use these sites on a regular basis are thrice as likely to drink alcohol, twice as likely to use marijuana, and five times more likely to smoke, when compared to the teens who seldom use the sites.

The study was conducted by National Center of Addiction and substance abuse found that 70% of the teens spend time on these sites, which accounts for 17 million in the age group between 12-17. They also found that around half of the teens have seen online photos of teens who are using alcohol and drugs.

These findings about the social networking sites are increasing the fear of parents. They need to increase their supervision on their children which helps kids to stay away from these unhealthy habits. The experts also warn the parents that providing electronic vehicle to see those images also constitutes for electronic child abuse.

The study also explained the risky habits associated with teen regular TV watching. As per the study, watching ‘Snooki and gang get sauced’ every week may affect the teen viewers negatively. Besides, one third of watch shows like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and Gossip Girl are making the teens twice as likely to drink alcohol and use marijuana when compared to teens who are not watching those shows.