10 Things Visitors don’t Like on Your Site

monitoring serviceThese days, everybody has busy schedule and everyone wants right information on what s/he is searching in a website within seconds and without waste of time. When people visit your website, they don’t like certain things that appear in your website.

Here are 10 things that visitors don’t like in your site.

1) Taking more time to load: People don’t like to wait for a website which takes more time to load because they don’t have much time and consequently move to other website leaving yours. Therefore, make sure that your website loads within a 3-4 seconds.

2) Pop-up ads: This is one of the most annoying aspects of a website. Users don’t like pop-up ads. They appear in your website when users browse or opening a new page. They don’t like if too many pop-up ads appear and they switch to other websites without looking what services you are offering to them. Too many pop-up ads divert users’ attention and waste time.

3) Automatically play multimedia content: Visitors don’t like to be forced to listen background music or automatically playing multimedia content when they visit web page. Let them, therefore, give a chance or allow to decide what content they want to get.

website monitoring service4) Using fancy things or letters in your website: People confuse if you use fancy letters or features in displayed content because they don’t understand the letters which are written in a fancy manner. Design your website in such a way that the content is easily readable and it should be in a well written manner.

5) Flash: Avoid using flash intros because studies show 80 percent of visitors don’t like them and they hurt your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

6) Outdated information: People need fresh content. If you don’t provide or updated information in your website periodically, say, daily, weekly or fortnightly, people think that you are unprofessional and are not committed.

7) Animations or scrolling texts: Animation content or images or scrolling texts can distract visitors because it may not allow to focus on the content what they are looking for.

8) Page under construction: Don’t put your site on the Internet until your website is ready. If you put in web, please give them some note that when will be your site will be finished.

9) No contact information: People will not be able to contact you if you don’t furnish your contact details in your site. Many don’t even don’t look your site’s content.

10) Mismatch in content: Your content in the website should be related to your title of the web page, or visitors will not be interested in your site and they don’t understand what you are telling about.