Causes of Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums is a very common problem in all age group people across the world. Bleeding gums is a condition when blood flows out from the gum tissues or blood flows between the spaces of the teeth. Bleeding of gums also indicates that you are having some kind of oral diseases.

The principal reason gums bleeding is because of gingivitis which is also known as gum disease or periodontal disease. Gingivitis is caused by formation of plaque (bacterial toxins on food substances) on the tooth which causes the gums to recede, swell and bleed. Some times other diseases can be the causes of bleeding of gums.

Below are some of the causes of bleeding gums:

  • The first cause of bleeding gums is improper brushing and flossing of your teeth before and after eating meals. This leads to formation of plaque.
  • Even if you brush your teeth too hard, there is a possibility of bleeding gums.
  • If any malnutrition problem arises in the individual, gums bleed because the gums need required vitamins in order to stay healthy.
  • If there is any hormonal changes during pregnancy.
  • If you have infection in one of the teeth or in the gum line, the gums bleed.
  • If any injury that happened to your gums by sharp objects, gums bleed.
  • If a person wears oral dentures improperly, it will irritate the gums and can lead to bleeding of gums.
  • If you are have any platelet disorder, you may face gum bleeding.
  • Because of some medication also gums bleed.

These are some of the causes of bleeding gums which may irritate you physically and psychologically.