How to Design a Search Engine Friendly Website

site monitoringSearch engine friendly websites are the ones designed in such a way that they are written, programmed, and designed to rank well by major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc. As for website design, designers are mainly focused on beautiful designs whereas search engines look for optimized code and content. If these two are not balanced, you need to worry about your website’s prospects.

Here are tips that help you create a stunning website which is search engine friendly:

  • Fill the meta tags because search engines first meet meta tags and content later. Well formatted meta tags help make your website search engine friendly.
  • Links in a website help in even distribution of ranks. But place the links before main heading of the webpage.
  • Optimized webpages are the best friends of search engines. Therefore, make sure to optimize them.
  • Vital webpages should be interlinked as they help search spiders to navigate your website. Well linked websites rank better than the non-linked websites.
  • Search engines never understand the URLs that contain PHP/AHP code. Create URL according to the search engines structure.
  • Include Header tags in your website to distinguish webpage headings.
  • Optimize image size in your site. It will make your website to load monitoring price
  • Use cascading style sheets (CSS) to design your website. It will help you update content in your site easily.
  • Use clean HTML codes for designing your website.
  • Eliminate redundant code in your site.

The above are some of the tips if you apply in creating website then you will get lots of traffic to your site.