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Methods Used to Determine the Capacity of Mainframes

Mainframe computers are used in the daily operations of large organizations to perform critical and complex applications. Since they play a crucial role in the business operations, you need to ensure that you get best mainframe computer for your business needs. But how do you determine the capacity of mainframe computers, which is directly proportional […]

Advantages Offered by Mainframe Computing Over Cloud Computing

Every business requires a high-end computing solution to streamline processes, improve efficiency, enhance customer service and ultimately maximize the profits. From decades, many large organizations have relied on mainframes to achieve these. But the evolution of latest computing solutions like cloud computing has led to confusion among people (mostly, who never experienced the power of […]

Most Common Drugs Abused by Teenagers

Teenage is a period in life when bodily and psychological changes occur and hence teenagers are under the influence of different factors that drive them towards substances abuse like consuming drugs and alcohol. Once started using, teenagers ultimately get addicted to illicit drugs. Certain drugs are most commonly abused by teenagers. We will discuss them […]