Why do People Collect Antiques?

People collect antiques for many reasons irrespective of their age, background, etc. Collecting antiques gives immense fun to some, while lot of money to some other. As the number of people collecting antiques is increasing every year, it is emerging out as a big business. People collect antiques for many reasons. Few of those reasons are

  • Collecting antiques is a hobby of some people. They are very passionate towards the antiques and spend reasonably good amount of time and money on the antiques that match their interests.
  • Some people who are interested in history, collects antiques which belongs to that era and connect themselves to the historical past by using those antiques and the essence of its history.
  • Some enthusiasts collect antiques to gain the knowledge about it. These people buy antiques to study what it is? How is it made? What steps did they follow to restore it for several years? Etc.They may also buy them to compare the present period’s items with the antiques and understand the difference to learn something of it.
  • Collecting antiques gives self gratification or happiness to some people. They challenge themselves on their ability to attain the best things in the world. These people spend more money for getting antiques and they are ready to travel to any part of the world to get them.
  • Some people collect antiques because of the fame it brings. There are certain antiques which are special and expensive. For example, if the item belongs to a famous person of the past, the value of such antique is pretty high and some people buy for the fame and the publicity it brings to them.
  • For some people, collecting antiques is just a business. No doubt, antiques are valuable and these people understand the craze and demand of it among the collectors. They know the hidden profits and collect the antiques from different places and sell them to the antique collectors and make profits. For people like this, collecting antiques is an investment to make money.
  • Recent research and study show that the reason for collecting antiques is the psychological disorder called “obsessive-compulsive disorder”. According to this behaviour, people whose wishes were not fulfilled in their past will try to accomplish them by owning the things. For example, if a person wanted a thing in his childhood and he didn’t get it for some reasons, it still stays in his mind and the persona will get that after several years, when capable of buying it.

Whatever may the reason, antiques are the valuable items which tells us and reminds us of the past generation.