Safety Highway Driving Rules

Every state has its own driving rules and regulations or set of traffic laws, but most of them are same. Only some states will have slight different rules. So if you own a car or rent a car you should know that particular states laws. If you are planning to drive in multiple states then you should check for a tourist book for any special rules of each state.

The highway roads are very busy, so they are very dangerous if you are not driving with proper planning. Of course not all the highways are busy, but if it is busy and you are not using traffic rules, you may confuse and feel nervous. So you should practice a defense driving, because you will not know how your around people will be that may tend to accidents in highways. Even many people are killed on highway accidents, so practicing safe highway rules can help you and your family to reduce the risk of highway accidents.

Speed Limit:
The speed limit should be 65miles per hour, because most of the states follow this, but most of the drivers above the legal limits that is about 5 mph and the traffic police is not minding. This speed limits are strictly enforced in many states by radar and with very heavy penalties in many states. When the weather is not good better you should adjust your speed limits to avoid accidents. The speed limit in front of the school are strictly reduced

Age Limit:
The minimum age limit for car driving is 16 in most of the states but for some states the driving is unrestricted until the age of 18.

Seat Belts:
Today all states requires to wear a seat belt for not only front seats but also back seats. Special restrain seats for children with seat belts.

Every vehicle on the road needs some space that is to drive safely. So maintain sufficient distance to all the vehicles especially the vehicle in front of you. If it is too close and give sudden brakes then definitely you will hit the car.

Use Traffic as well as Your own Signals:
When the traffic signal is signaling to stop then you should do it and if it is saying to be ready you should be get ready if not other vehicle may hit you. You should always give a signal if you are going to change a lane or direction. By doing this the other people will aware of it about what you are going to do.

In this highway, more careful drivers also find themselves met with serious accidents. So if you want to protect yourself you need to have proper insurance policy. This is to make sure that all your injuries and damages are recovered.