LED Bulbs – Latest Technology in Automotive Lighting

Today LED lights are common, they are used everywhere from lamps to car lights. Here most commonly used LED for the car is black lighting includes turn signal lights and tail lights. These Led lights are used to upgrade the brake lights, indicator lights, side lights, also the interior bulbs. Also today the new front fog light Led bulbs are becoming popular.

LED lights use ultra violet parts of electromagnetic spectrum. LED lights perform better than regular bulbs. They often give long life span, durability and visual lighting. LED lights last a life span between 6 to 12 years continuously that is about 50,000 to 100,000 hours. The regular bulbs will consume more power from your car battery. You need to connect the earth wire to the chassis of your car which comes from the LED light that is to activate the light automatically for the headlights of your car. For that, you need to select the LEDs that fit your vehicle also the color as per your taste.

These LED bulbs produce very bright and pure colored light, that is very clean and nicer to look. These LED lights are usually available in white, Green, Red and Blue.

The cost of LED lights is affordable are beneficial as they have long durability.

As the resistance of the LED is very low, the power consumption of the LED light is very low.