United States Automobile Sales in 2012 by Brand

The automobile industry plays a prominent role in the national economy and in the lives of public in the United States. There were in all more than fourteen million (14,492,398) vehicle sold by the end of 2012 in the country. By the end of 2011, the total auto sales are above twelve million (12,779,007). It recorded the rise in sales of 13.4 percent in 2012 than the 2011. Now we will see based on the automaker.

  • Ford: The Ford is in the top place with more than two million (2,160,859) vehicles. And recorded a five percentage growth than the 2011 (2,057,210) sales. Lincoln sales in 2012 are 82,150 vehicles it is 4.1 percentage drop than the 2011 (85,463). The Ford motor company recorded sales at 2,243,009 vehicles in 2012 with a rise of 4.7 percent over 2011 (2,143,101). Ford was second among the top-selling brands.
  • Chevrolet and General Motors: The General Motor’s Chevrolet was in the second place with 1,851,646 vehicles in 2012. By the end of last year, the total vehicles sold by the Chevrolet is 1,775,802 and is almost equal to 4.3 percent rise by the end of 2012. When comes to the General Motors the total vehicles sold in 2012 are 2,595,717. In 2011, the total sales are 2,503,797. Even though it has 3.7 percentage growth, because of high number in units sold leads to the first place to the General Motors.
  • Toyota: By the end of 2011 Toyota total vehicle sales are 1,396,838. It increased by 26.3 percent in 2012 with 1,764,833 vehicles. The Toyota Motor Corporation sales rose upto 26.6 percent in 2012 (2,082,504) than the 2011 (1,644,660).
  • Honda: Honda’s brand 2012 sales were estimated at 1,266,569. It was a greater increase when compared with 2011 (1,023,986) sales – almost 23.7 percent rise in overall sales. And, the American Honda recorded slightly higher with 24 percentage increase in 2012 (1,422,785) over 2011 (1,147,285).
  • Nissan: Nissan reached one million milestone in 2012 (1,021,779). It recorded 8.2 percent growth than 2011 (944,073) sales. Nissan USA sales rose by 9.5 percent in 2012 (1,141,656). In 2011, the total number sold was 1,042,534.
  • Hyundai and Kia: The Hyundai’s 2012 sales were 703,007 and in 2011 it is 645,691. Hyundai’s sales increased almost nine percent in 2012. Kia achieved 14.9 percent growth in 2012 (557,599) over 2011 (485,492). The Hyundai – Kia’s total sales in 2012 are 1,260,606 and in 2011 it is 1,131,183. The company’s sales increased by 11.4 percent in total by the end of 2012.

There are some other brands and companies in the field. Most automobile companies in the United States recorded growth in their sales in 2012. Some companies redesigned their products last year and kept them on the track of those that were failures during last years.