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Facebook Marketing Tips for Auto Dealerships

November 29, 2013 btcuser4 0

The decision taken by you to learn more about social media networking is your first step towards connecting your auto dealership to the potential customers and millions of fans. As a business person, you need to be where your customers are. You can find a lot of customers in the Facebook.

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Methods Of Recruitment

November 4, 2013 btcuser4 0

Recruitment method can be broadly classified into two ways – internal recruitment and external recruitment. This article discusses on the methods of recruitment.

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Digital Marketing Option for Auto Dealerships

November 1, 2013 btcuser4 0

Over the years the auto industry is using different types of marketing techniques. Most of them are direct interaction with customers or campaigns by the dealership firms. These are still continued by the dealerships. As well the auto dealerships have adopted the digital marketing tool because of its profound power and versatility. The Internet enables the auto dealers to advertise in different ways like video advertising, email marketing, search engine marketing, etc. Now we will see the options available for the auto dealerships in digital marketing.