Facebook Marketing Tips for Auto Dealerships

The decision taken by you to learn more about social media marketing is your first step towards connecting your auto dealership to the potential customers and millions of fans. As a business person, you need to be where your customers are. You can find a lot of potential customers on Facebook.

Many auto dealers are utilizing this popular social media website in order to stimulate sales and to promote their brands. For the newcomers, it is difficult deal with how to manage the dealership’s page, what type of content to share and how to make more presence. In this article, we will discuss a few tips on Facebook marketing for auto dealerships.

Post content: First, you need to understand what could attract the attention to your customers and could make value addition for your followers or fans. This could be anything such as a funny note, interesting and useful information on the industry in general or on your dealership, but you have to be creative.

Basically content that you create and share would be good enough to initiate networking and encourage the fans to share with other friends. If you create better content, you are likely to get more fans for your dealerships page. Therefore, make sure the content is relevant, current and interesting.

Showcase inventory: Facebook is a good platform to showcase your inventory. You can post photos, videos and text. This helps make your postings more attractive. It might not be possible to make updates about all of your inventory. Take a few good shots of the newly and current trend models you have and post them on Facebook. This is likely to excite your fans with delight.

Update dealership page: It is important to post good content on your dealership page on Facebook. You should schedule the updation of content without fail. The goal is to get fans visiting your page habitually, having a look at the new content that you post, interacting and commenting on the postings on your page.

Even if the content is good enough on the page, if you are post continuously too often unscheduled, your fans may get annoyed by your page. Therefore, be sensible. It is better to update two to three times a week or so.

Participate in conversations: Once you get a healthy stream of people coming to your dealership’s page, and posting questions, thoughts and comments, participate in the conversations with them. This will make an impression that you are taking your page to the next level by communicating with them. Most Facebook users are interested to communicate like this. So you can use this advantage. It builds trust on your dealership and encourages them to visit regularly.

If you are properly doing the socializing on Facebook, your fans will share your content and recommend their friends to join with your page. It will increase your fan database as well as your local customer presence online.