Methods Of Recruitment

Recruitment method can be broadly classified into two ways – internal recruitment and external recruitment. This article discusses on the methods of recruitment.

Internal recruitment
This method of recruitment takes place within the organization. Internal recruitment sources are readily available to the firm. Employees productivity is increased by this method of recruitment. But the internal recruitment can’t meet all the requirements. Hiring of candidates has to be done from outside.

  • Internal recruitment is done through
    • Staff meetings
    • Promotion is done through internal postings
    • Re-employment: This is one of the internal sources of recruitment where ex-employees are invited and offered for the job available in the organization
    • Staff notice boards
  • Advantages of internal recruitment
    • Judging existing employees suitability
    • It helps in promoting commitment and loyalty among the employees because of sense of security
    • It helps in improving employees morality and advance in career
  • Disadvantages of internal recruitment
    • There is restriction in the choice of selection
    • Restriction in mobility of labor
    • Flow of new employees is discouraged

External recruitment
This method of recruitment is done from outside the organization. A lot of money and time is involved in this process.

  • External recruitment is done through
    • Employing at factory level – This is a source of external recruitment in which applications for vacancies are presented outside the factory on bulletin boards. This is often done to appoint factory workers.
    • Employment agencies – There are many organizations that are professional for recruiting and employing people. These agencies supply required candidates to the required companies.
    • Educational institutions – Professional institutions also serve as external source of recruitment by offering fresh graduates. This can be also called as campus recruitment.
    • Recommendations – Many people who are experienced and have a goodwill in the company. Such people recommend some candidates to be filled in certain agencies, but it may be a drawback that may prove to be inefficient.
    • Labor contractors – These people supply manpower to factories and manufacturing plants. Workers are appointed through these contractors on contract basis.
  • Advantages Of external recruitment
    • Takes huge crowd of candidates
    • As it is a large scale recruitment, best selection process can be followed
    • It helps in bringing new employees in the organization
  • Disadvantages of external recruitment
    • It is much expensive
    • A lot of time is involved in this process
    • Training will be required for the new employees