Learning a Language Online – The Pros and Cons

When learning a new language, convenience tops the list of reasons. Students learning a new language online can access the instructions, no matter where they are. Learning online helps the students from all over the world. Learning a language online has become a trend these days. However, some students are not comfortable and are not satisfied with learning the language online. We will discuss the pros and cons of learning a language online.
Lets check with the pros and cons of learning language online.


  • Convenience: Learning a language online rules out the inconvenience of local language school – long drives for going to school, going back home, and limited or conflicting class schedules. Whereas learning language online can be very convenient. You can access knowledge at with ease like whenever and wherever you want to do so.
  • Quality: If the student of language class is not satisfied with the quality of the class at the school, they have either to change the school or to change their teacher, whereas studying online students can find new teachers and curriculum according to their preferences.
  • Flexibility: Studying at a school or any other educational institution to learn a language offers a limited number of working hours. Students can only attend classes depending on the schedule of the educational institution and the tutor. While students studying online can study anytime according to their schedule and convenience.
  • Interactive Tools: Online classes help teachers use interactive tools from the Internet, whereas teachers in classroom may or may not use such technology. Online instructors use different websites, videos, music and other media to engage their students.


  • Audio limitations: When studying online, the biggest limitation is the audio input and output. When you are speaking on phone to a native speaker of your same language, you need to clarify many words that they may not understand. Therefore, there are occasions when it becomes difficult to understand your teacher online and difficult for getting a correct pronunciation of the word and sound from them.
  • Connection issues: There may be problems in everyday life whether studying online or in person. However, when studying online, issues such as slow connection and older computers make accessing knowledge a frustrating experience.
  • Posture issues: Spending a lot of time studying online and typing may not be helpful for the shoulder and back because lot of focus is required. Therefore, it will probably be too hard to sit upright for hours.
  • Difficulty for the beginners: Beginners who are new at computer skills may find online learning software and computers file management complex.

Consider these pros and cons while deciding to join an online language learning class.