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Most Brand Loyal Cars

Brand impacts the consumer purchase decision process as well reminds some specific quality of that brand. Good quality, reasonable price, and the consumer experience will improve the loyal to the brand. Forbes released a list of most brand loyal cars. Now we will see them. Kia Forte: The Experian Automotive compiled the market data of […]


Best Selling Cars from Toyota in 2013

Forbes released 20 bestselling cars of 2013. The following cars have been taken from the bestselling cars from Toyota in 2013. In this article, we will see the 2013 models of Toyota. Those are Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Prius. Toyota Camry: America’s bestselling passenger car with a room for five passengers. The 2014 […]

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Tips to Audio content SEO for Auto Dealerships

The audio content for podcast search engine optimization is a little different from other optimizations such as text content in the websites. The search engines do not isten to the audio kept on your website. However, there are some ways to communicate to the search engines about your audio. Make sure unified keywords, descriptions, titles […]