Most Brand Loyal Cars

Brand impacts the consumer purchase decision process as well reminds some specific quality of that brand. Good quality, reasonable price, and the consumer experience will improve the loyal to the brand. Forbes released a list of most brand loyal cars. Now we will see them.

  • Kia Forte: The Experian Automotive compiled the market data of 2011. It shows that the Kia Forte enjoyed the most brand loyalty among all new vehicles that were sold in United States. The Korean automaker registered 68 percent of repeated customers.
  • Chevrolet Cruze: Chevrolet Cruze is below the Kia Forte in terms of brand loyalty. There is an estimated 64 percent of Chevrolet Cruze buyers that are repeating. They are trying to obtain another popular compact of Chevrolet.
  • Ford Fiesta: Ford Fiesta is competing with Chevrolet Cruze. The brand has 63 percent of loyal customers. Even Ford Fiesta is new for 2011 customers interested in the brand and model. Prior to the Fiesta, there was no previous size in the company’s product line. Thus, we may assume that buyers who are repeated may go away from their larger models.
  • Ford Fusion: Ford Fusion is another one in the top most brand loyal cars list. With a small difference to Ford Fiesta, Ford Fusion has repeated loyal customers of 61 percent.
  • Kia Soul: Kia occupied another position in the brand loyal list with its Soul. As per the estimation with the available data 51 percent of the this model buyers purchased another Kia.
  • Ford Flex: As per the Experian Automotive data, 58 percent of the Ford Flex buyers remained loyal to the brand Ford during the second quarter of 2011.
  • Ford Edge: Ford Edge is another model from Ford that having high brad loyalty. 58 percent of the Ford Edge owned people in the second quarter of 2011 had owned a Ford model previously. Thus, it occupied a position in the most brand loyal cars list prepared by the Forbes.
  • Kia Forte Koup: Like the Kia’s four door counterpart, this also supported by Kia to retain the owners. 57 percent of the buyers in second quarter of 2011 are the loyal customers to Kia.
  • Ford Taurus: Ford Taurus is the most traditional passenger car from the Ford. This model has repeated customers of 56 percent from previous Ford owners.
  • Ford Focus: This was a redesigned model from the Ford. With 54 percent of repeated customers, Ford Focus contributes its part to brand loyalty of the company.

A majority in the list are occupied by the Ford and the Kia. Chevrolet is the only other brand among them. As for Ford models, six out of ten have a high brand loyalty followed by Kia with its three models. Chevrolet Cruze is the third one with a decent brand loyalty among these models.