Latest Features in Modern Automobiles

The transition
Vehicles of the past that reigned the market served the basic need of driving and the features were prominently focused on the operating efficiency of the vehicle. Vehicles with good ability to accelerate and good engine power were the main aspects that manufacturers emphasized. Every one was looking for fuel economy vehicles to good mileage.

But with the living standards getting high and their caliber to afford and the technology getting viable to common people has shifted the demand to features like luxury, comfort and utility as well.

Vehicle owners look for safety features to save themselves and their beloved ones. The new generation cars come equipped with all these features that are are likely to offer completely new experience of driving. Safety with comfort along with utility is the main concern and the cars in the market today are competent enough to deliver these at reasonable fortune.

Stepping up the safety features
Safety is one of the basic concern of a customer and the manufacturers do not want to lag behind and aims at assuring the customer over his concern. Manufacturers are coming up with high edge technologies that will provide the occupant of the vehicle with safety.

Air bags
Air bags are a basic feature yet a very effective safety system. The feature is affordable and is very affective in saving the driver and other occupants of the vehicle in case of an a collision. The traditional air bags were limited only to the driver protection and other occupants from head on collisions only.

Side air bags protect occupants from the harmful effects of collisions from different angles. Additionally, the utility of air bags has been extended to use them for braking also by deploying them underneath and cover them with friction offering coating.

Anti collision systems
Anti collision systems are a feature in many premium and luxury automobiles are offering them in the market. They initiate corrective steps and deploy brakes in the cases when the driver compromises with his alert levels compromising with the safety of the occupants. The occupants can now rely on the vehicle instead of the driver for their safety.

Diagnosis systems in today’s vehicles can check for the various parameters of the vehicle like the oil reservoirs, the engine temperature, the gas caps and many other and tell alert you and communicate to you effectively the gravity of the situation.

Alert level monitor is an integrated feature of many high end cars. These systems monitor continuously the alert levels of the driver during the course of the journey. The system uses the facial recognition systems and monitor the activity of the driver over dashboard and console to check for his alert levels.

Better utility features
Cars offering much more than just driving and operational efficiency is the car a customer is looking for. To cater to their needs the manufacturers are coming up with cars that has a lot more to offer. Utility features are one of them. They have completely transformed the experience of driving and turned it into a completely leisurely one.

Voice recognition systems are in place in premium cars that can authenticate the driver and can also accept brief commands for shuffling the channels over radio or open the windows etc.

Power console is an integrated feature of almost every car today. They offer sockets for charging mobile phones and Mp3 players and can also include cigarette lighters.

GPS systems integrated with cars can locate the car and pinpoint its location to the driver and also helps in giving directions to his destination. It is also easy to track the course of the vehicle online in cases of possible thefts.

Hot stone massages are also being provided in some cars that inflate and deflate the air pockets in the backrest to give massage to the driver during achy long journeys.

This is just to name a few and the list is quite long.

Economy features
Shifting their attention to utility and safety features the manufacturers have not lost their focus over economy. The industry is coming up with new ways to provide value for cost with many economy features.

Regenerative braking is a technique of braking in automobiles where the energy lost in lost is being used to charge the batteries or the capacitor banks giving them extra life and saving them from frequent charging

Engine start/stop feature is present in premium cars. This feature results in fuel economy in the virtue that they stop the engine during decelerating and braking and starts them again when accelerating thereby saving considerable fuel.

Solar and hybrid cars are a completely new class of vehicles. They rely considerably or completely on alternate sources of energy for their operation thus resulting in associated cost and fuel saving. They use the electrical or renewable sources for their power demand.

Adaptive high beam control is also an economy feature that results in battery life enhancement by controlling the intensity of the high beam based on the available levels of illumination on road.

Journey towards a better experience
The vehicles available in the market today is not about just driving. They are offering a completely new experience in driving with the large set of high end features they are offering. The vehicle of the day has a lot more to offer and is completely different from its previous counterpart. They have better security systems, better aesthetics, better economy, better comfort and better economy features. They are a way ahead of their previous counterparts. It has completely transformed the experience of driving and traveling.