Know How to Decorate Walls for Wedding

There are so many things which may help you in decorating your home walls for wedding. This will give the home look as occasion. Decorating the walls will give ambiance to the wedding celebration and it also provides a beautiful background for photographs in wedding. Here are some of tips to decorate your wall for wedding.

Flowers: Using flowers we can decorate our wall in many ways either they may be artificial or real flowers. You can tie bunch of flowers with bows and paste them with the tape to your walls by giving some gap. Or you can us a single flower which is big and attach to your wall with tape.

Balloons: Inflate your balloons with helium, and then use two to three balloons for bouquet with same color. The ribbon should be tied to that balloons that should be three to four feet long. After tying the ribbon to the bouquet then wherever you want to display on the wall tape them by the ribbon by just above the knot which is holding the bouquet together. Then take tulle then cut into 4 to 5 feet long tie is together and tape on the wall at the same place where the balloon bouquet is taped. So repeat the process to tape as many bouquets as you want to decorate your interior walls.

Wall stickers: these will also give the pleasant look to your walls. For sticking them, you need to wash the wall with soapy water for removing the dust, dirt and grime to prevent the peeling over the short period of time. Then allow the wall to dry. Then remove the back paper from the sticky side of the sticker, and then spray the adhesive onto the back of the sticker. Shake well before doing this and a small amount is enough to do this lightly.

Then paste the sticker to the wall and smooth out it with your hands if necessary use the lint-free cloth and press out the air bubbles. Then, let it set up for an hour then if necessary use the lint-free cloth for smoothing.

You can also use some artificial thing to decorate your walls like butterflies, flowers, wreaths, fabric etc. You can decorate with some photos, hand painted things, and also with lights etc.

These are the some of the ways to decorate your walls hope; you will choose one of them for decorating your walls.