Basics of Social Media Marketing for Auto Dealerships

Social media marketing is playing a key role in online business promotion today. However, it is like jumping into the fast moving river, because the marketing with social media is challenging for many automotive dealerships and automotive professionals, and they are still trying to understand the social media. In this article, we will discuss some basic concepts of social media marketing for auto dealerships.

  • Choose the best platforms: The four bigger social media websites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. Check for the statistical details, competitors, partners, and potential customers. Based on this select the best suitable for your auto dealership and create an account with your business name.
  • Define a target market: Marketing targets or goals are very important for business as well as social media marketing. Put targets yourself as getting the targeted followers, posting the qualitative and useful content to the customers etc. For example, Facebook has the most users of young people, most of them are interested to know about the automobiles and looking to buy. If you target those people, and get them as followers will become easy to marketing. Then, write and share the content relating to the industry, new offers, new models, releases, updates etc. Then automatically you will get good followers.
  • Share information: The information sharing in the social networks helps keep remember in the followers. Share the information with good content. Some websites allow even pictures and videos, these will give more impression to the followers. You can maintain a blog or any other source to write article relevant to your industry and related topics and share them in social media. But avoid promoting aggressively, because users always have an option not to follow. Make sure to do the sharing in a professional manner.
  • Time allocation: A Vertical Response survey found that 43 percent of small businesses are spending at least six hours in a week on social media marketing, most of this time is consumed on search for content to share in social media. It is difficult to spend time for social media promotion for auto dealership firms with their limited resources. Reply to customers’ queries, analyzing the collected data to share, etc. will take time, but allocation of time for a few minutes everyday or sometime in a week will help to get the better results.
  • Interact with the followers: Just maintaining a Facebook business or fan page or posting in the blogs and share them are the one way communications. These might not be effective in long run. Interact with the customers by replying to the communities, for the comments, queries, etc. It helps you to build the customer relationship with the followers and can increase followers and business with their references.

Before sharing in the social media, make sure your content or image or videos never makes any trouble for your business. This is because once they are live on the Web, it is difficult to remove them.