Advanced Motion Controls in Your Recent Car

A brief introduction
The car in the market is not the epitome of luxury, comfort and safety only. It provides a completely new experience of driving with new innovative features. A lot of accidents happens on the roads due the driver lacking the expertise of driving a car or loosing his ability of reflexes in a turmoil. He may apparently loose his alertness over tiresome long journeys. Busy roads and a lot of cars on roads require high levels of expertise in driving and in parking the vehicle also. This marked the need for the advanced motion control features in the automobiles.

Electronic stability control
Electronic stability control is designed with the sole purpose of checking skidding of a vehicle. Skidding is a very vulnerable situation when a vehicle loses its control and starts going haywire not obeying the commands of his masters. Skidding mainly occurs when the speed of different wheels of the car mismatches leading to the overall motion and the direction of the car going in a way not expected by the driver. It can many times prove critical to the occupants and on people on the road.fuel pump problems

Presence of sand, gravel, oil and other objects that changes the traction can lead to skidding. The presence of such things results in different wheels of the car having different speeds resulting in skidding.

Electronic stability control system keeps a track of speeds of different wheels of the car through electronic sensor systems and applies brakes automatically on individual wheels to bring the speeds within safe limits in order to avoid skidding.

Auto lane keeping
Auto lane in an innovative way of coordinating traffic on roads by adhering to particular lanes. It is a measure of safety as otherwise, you may go into someone’s vehicle if you move off your lane. The recent cars assures that the car adhere to its lane with the help of cameras.

The cameras placed on the front will capture regular frames of the road over a period and process it with the help of the image processing systems and project a path to the driver on his augmented reality display. The system can also project a path in the events the road goes pitch black over short span of length. Is by any chance the driver is not able to alter the course of his vehicle, the vehicle can do it for itself.

In this way, this technology helps in keeping the cars in an organized way leading to a better traffic control along with safer road practices.

Advanced cruise control
Water pump repairIt is the approach of keeping a vehicle under constant speed as long as possible and resuming the speed levels when safe. When you’re amidst heavy traffic, the speed levels of the vehicle will automatically go down to suit the traffic on the road and after the traffic gets diluted, the vehicle goes back to its original speed.

Advanced cruise control is the art of accelerating and decelerating along with automatic application of brakes to modulate the speed levels of the car. This feature comes particularly handy in the events of getting stuck in traffic and when parking in a very cozy space. The fear of bumping into someones vehicle in front and someone bumping into yours from behind is run over by the automatic cruise control.

It is easy to handle the car on the road even if you are not a skilled driver. With the advanced motion control features, driving has become easy drivers need not get on their nerves in heavy traffic or cozy parking spaces. The vehicles are equipped with the skill to take that part of the pain of yours in their account.