Features and Advantages of a Convertible Car

A convertible car, also called a convertible, is a car whose top can be customized to be used not to be used. The tops are stored in the rear portion of the car and activated through battery power while manual activation is also present in few models. When the top is erected, it 1) has to be fixed manually to the windshield, 2) It is semi-automatically fixed to the windshield 3) It is completely automatic.

1) Cloth-top: A suitable material which is typically a fabric of cloth is used and it is waterproof. The cloth is stretched over a framework of metal rods and this decreases the rigidity of the vehicle at higher speeds. There is always a wobbly nature to the top no matter how perfect the fixation is. It is light weight, which is an advantage, but the cloth tend to wear off, since it is used in rough weather conditions.fuel pump repair

2) Hard-top: The hard top is generally preferred over a cloth top by it’s looks and durability, but with the sliding mechanisms inherent in it, it adds weight to the top of the car, which severely affects driving performance at high speeds.

Driving with an open roof gives one a good feeling. The experience with the world is direct and pleasurable. But, it doesn’t make a difference when movement is the motive. A technical advantage that convertibles have is that it eliminates the driver’s blind spot offering a good view of the sides. For some people traveling in a car could sometimes be claustrophobic. A convertible car helps in such situations.

1) Cloth tops can be damaged with equipment, so it is always unsafe.
2) The trunk space is very limited because the rooftop has to be fitted in while retracted.
3) Riders easily get exposed to pollution and dust.
4) They can also wear-off over time.
5) Since there are too many joints and folds there is a possibility of leakage.
6) Reduced safety as compared with a solid-body car because of reduced general structural rigidity. A car with an immobile roof provides stronger protection and gives additional strength to be body in case of a crash. In case the car upturns with the top open there is no protection at all.

Some of the best models:
a) Porsche Cabriolet 911
b) Jaguar XK
c) Mercedes Benz XL
d) Aston Martin Vantage

Purchase: Good if you like to have an open air cruise around the town often and if you need attention.